Austrian Culture Calendar: December

Saint Nikolaus, Christmas, New Year; December is full of traditions and cultural events in Austria. Check out the Austrian Cultural Calendar for the last month of this year. 1.12. – Advent Calendar To shorten the long days before Christmas, Austrians tend to give their one themed calendars with 24 little presents, one for each new day. Hereby, the variation ranges from standard commercial calendars filled … Continue reading Austrian Culture Calendar: December

An Excitement Poem

Future is a mysterious construct of time, where the outcome is yet to be seen. Still, individuals are relying on their plans, no matter the odds of life’s randomness. Pursuing the uncertain event in hope to gain a memory, as the moment will vanish in the fog of the past, is a worthwhile approach where one can already see the inner value regarding the level … Continue reading An Excitement Poem

A Teaching and Learning Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Teaching and Learning Provided by the student of life and teacher of many: Adriana It is best to read it on wide screen! Take a moment to think of all the people who taught you a valuable lesson: Teachers, co-workers, friends, families, strangers on the internet and streets. Be grateful for every advise as it opens your mind towards new perspectives and … Continue reading A Teaching and Learning Poem

An It Began With Poem

Life is mysterious. It is strange how joy and sadness rule over our perception for the surrounding we are embedded in. When unforeseen circumstances blur the path you planned to go with the fog of uncertainty, hope might seem lost. However, it can also create an adventurous journey,  leading to the same sunrise of joy, yet in different ways. I give you, It Began With … Continue reading An It Began With Poem

A Typhoon Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Typhoon Provided by the stormy blogger Sunshower In Taiwan, I had the chance to experience not only one but multiple tropical storms called typhoon. Although the fierce power of nature raged outside, my roommate and I could deepen our young friendship during the storms, eventually become BROommates. This is for you, Jacek. The style of the poem is: AAAA BBBB I give … Continue reading A Typhoon Poem

A Linz Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Linz Provided by the global blogger Adriana The style of the poem is AABBCC. Growing up in the city of Linz, I have learnt to love it. Walking with open eyes and open mind through the streets of history, one can be astonished by the richness of a small 200.000 resident city. Art, history, innovation, research, tradition, life! Linz is my hometown … Continue reading A Linz Poem