Austrian Culture Calendar: December

Saint Nikolaus, Christmas, New Year; December is full of traditions and cultural events in Austria. Check out the Austrian Cultural Calendar for the last month of this year. 1.12. – Advent Calendar To shorten the long days before Christmas, Austrians tend to give their one themed calendars with 24 little presents, one for each new day. Hereby, the variation ranges from standard commercial calendars filled … Continue reading Austrian Culture Calendar: December

A Linz Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Linz Provided by the global blogger Adriana The style of the poem is AABBCC. Growing up in the city of Linz, I have learnt to love it. Walking with open eyes and open mind through the streets of history, one can be astonished by the richness of a small 200.000 resident city. Art, history, innovation, research, tradition, life! Linz is my hometown … Continue reading A Linz Poem

Brettljause – Austrian Culinary Art

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The famous proverb, which first appeared in Eugène Sue’s novel Memoirs of Matilda, but made a fatal mistake. The thing that is best served cold is a traditional Austrian Brettljause. What is it about? Opposed to the classic dinners I had in Taiwan, which had been mostly hot, hot soup, hot rice, hot noodles, hot pot – I … Continue reading Brettljause – Austrian Culinary Art

Cultural Festival – Griaß di, Austria

Like every year the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology hosted a special event, where foreign students can introduce their country, culture and art performance to other (mostly Taiwanese) students. So I tried my best to bring a little Austria to Taiwan – in traditional leather trousers (Lederhose) of course! Griaß di, Austria At the festival, students had to decorate a booth and cook … Continue reading Cultural Festival – Griaß di, Austria

Linz – Tainan! A Comparison of Two Homes

Same same but different. With this statement I could end this comparison of my home town in Austria, Linz and my temporary home in Taiwan, Tainan – when I take a really general look at the differences. But looking closer, there are worlds – or at least 9000 kilometers – between my both home cities. Climate The most obvious difference between these two cities is … Continue reading Linz – Tainan! A Comparison of Two Homes