Year of the Rat 2020

An Origin of the Chinese Zodiac Signs Poem

Every Lunar New Year the Zodiac sign changes from one animal to the next within a twelve year cycle. 2019 had been blessed by the Pig, while 2020 is annointed to be the Year of the Rat. The Rat is the first animal in the cycle, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. But who chose, which … Continue reading An Origin of the Chinese Zodiac Signs Poem

A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem

Some people climb mountains stay active in their lives. But what if the mountain that you are climbing is active too? I don’t mean Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge active, where bolder just roll beside you. I am talking active volcano! Pacaya Volcano Hike By Gregor   South of Guatemala City, the capital of the nation, Lays a volcano restlessly since the 1965’s desolation. Mighty Volcán de … Continue reading A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem

Guatemala – Guate Beautiful Country

Recently I had been to the Central American state of Guatemala to visit my girlfriend Adriana and her family. Of course, there had been some plans to discover Guatemala a bit and AY DIOS MIO!!!!! This country! It got me right in the marvel-part of my heart and brain! I could dedicate my entire blog to this fascinating nation, but for starters here are four … Continue reading Guatemala – Guate Beautiful Country

A Chinese New Year’s Origin Poem

For years, the monster NIAN had been terrorizing the poor villagers. But with the appearance of a mysterious stranger, the tidings seem to change. Watchmen: „Villagers, come! Pack your stuff! Forget the weapons, the beast is too tough. The only way for you to survive Is to take your kids and your wife. And make haste before the night, When the monster Nian, in all … Continue reading A Chinese New Year’s Origin Poem

Austrian Culture Calendar: December

Saint Nikolaus, Christmas, New Year; December is full of traditions and cultural events in Austria. Check out the Austrian Cultural Calendar for the last month of this year. 1.12. – Advent Calendar To shorten the long days before Christmas, Austrians tend to give their one themed calendars with 24 little presents, one for each new day. Hereby, the variation ranges from standard commercial calendars filled … Continue reading Austrian Culture Calendar: December

A Typhoon Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Typhoon Provided by the stormy blogger Sunshower In Taiwan, I had the chance to experience not only one but multiple tropical storms called typhoon. Although the fierce power of nature raged outside, my roommate and I could deepen our young friendship during the storms, eventually become BROommates. This is for you, Jacek. The style of the poem is: AAAA BBBB I give … Continue reading A Typhoon Poem

A Linz Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Linz Provided by the global blogger Adriana The style of the poem is AABBCC. Growing up in the city of Linz, I have learnt to love it. Walking with open eyes and open mind through the streets of history, one can be astonished by the richness of a small 200.000 resident city. Art, history, innovation, research, tradition, life! Linz is my hometown … Continue reading A Linz Poem

Brettljause – Austrian Culinary Art

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The famous proverb, which first appeared in Eugène Sue’s novel Memoirs of Matilda, but made a fatal mistake. The thing that is best served cold is a traditional Austrian Brettljause. What is it about? Opposed to the classic dinners I had in Taiwan, which had been mostly hot, hot soup, hot rice, hot noodles, hot pot – I … Continue reading Brettljause – Austrian Culinary Art

An Untold Graduation Speech

Delivering a speech in front of students, who graduated or are about to graduate in the near future is an honour for everyone. You, as a single individuum, get the chance to influence the worldview of so many with your speech on this special day, as I got influenced by the speech given during my Bachelor’s graduation ceremony. I wanted to reach out to the … Continue reading An Untold Graduation Speech