A Typhoon Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Typhoon

Provided by the stormy blogger Sunshower

In Taiwan, I had the chance to experience not only one but multiple tropical storms called typhoon. Although the fierce power of nature raged outside, my roommate and I could deepen our young friendship during the storms, eventually become BROommates. This is for you, Jacek.

The style of the poem is: AAAA BBBB

I give you,

A Typhoon Poem

By Gregor

Clouds conjured the present darkness’ sway.
The ceiling of cloudy concrete in dark grey
Densely blocking every celestial healing ray
Swallowing all signs whether it’s night or day.

Houses shake and bend to a frightening degree
Unplugged by nature’s forces on the street lays a tree.
Like a howling monster from an old memory
Stormy winds rage widely of all obstacles free.

The city’s surface has got hidden under a lake
As continuous showers all dry spots overtake.
The dripping and dropping keep millions awake
For the endless rainy stream puts safety at stake.

But you and me, we eat instant noodles without a spoon
In front of the Laptop wrapped in a blanket cocoon.
It does not matter whether the storm will end soon,
We know how to spend time in Dorm VI during a typhoon.

When you are interested how else we had dealt with nature’s wet winds, you can check out 5 Tips how to kill time during a Typhoon.

Did you like the poem? Do you want me to write about a special topic you are interested in? Become a Challenger and post your word in the comment section below!


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