An It Began With Poem

Life is mysterious. It is strange how joy and sadness rule over our perception for the surrounding we are embedded in. When unforeseen circumstances blur the path you planned to go with the fog of uncertainty, hope might seem lost. However, it can also create an adventurous journey,  leading to the same sunrise of joy, yet in different ways.

I give you,

It Began With

by Gregor

It began with I,

as you began with “why?”

The answer could not be seen

Because invisible it had been.


So long we did wander,

Survived lightning and thunder.

Distance, however, arose,

As life went and still goes.


Silence killed the flame.

It will never be the same.

Lovers return to friends,

As unique it began, it finally ends.


Time will dry the tear,

There is nothing to fear.

In future, you will see

Someone fits better than me.


One day, we will meet again,

I with a wife, you with a man.

And soon we will start to laugh

Of all the things above.


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