A Passion Poem

Using newest technology and mobile applications to find someone to spend time with is a noble thought. However, it diminishes the almost magical moments of coincidental incidents leading towards a supreme occasion of sharing intimate moments with the right person at the right time by giving away the gallivanting, flattering, philandering and teasing pursued by real ladies and gentleman to a single swipe of a finger. Nevertheless, the art of seduction is not lost yet, and so is passion deriving from an innocent first contact.

The style of the poem is: ABAB

I give you,


By Gregor

Fresh wind blows around her face,

Sweet sweat is filling up the air.

Bodies entangle each other with grace,

His firm hand sunken in her hair.


She never thought of this before,

She always acted kind and shy.

She knows, she won’t be the same anymore

After getting in love with this guy.


They turned around while kissing wild

His heat is possessing her soul

Before, she was an innocent child.

Now, she is blazing like coal.


His hands were cold at the first time

They have met by coincidence or fate.

On her skin, they burn like turpentine

In her room after the third date.


He turned her around and kisses her back

On her body goosebumps grow.

Her fleshly lust encounters a bottleneck

Pleasure, she wants to endow.


Both are ready, she let him in

Two bodies merged to one.

After one hour of the sweet sin

Both lay in bed, all done.


She looks at him, gasping into his ear

With a silent but voracious sound:

“With you on my side, there is nothing to fear.

Are you ready for a second round?”

Sharing physical passion is a worthwhile thing to strive for. However, I also found passion in forming words to entertain, educate or even seduce.

When you like my poems, but want to read about different topics, feel free to post a picture or word in the comment section and I will create a poem just for you.


Picture: Stamford Hotels and Resorts

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