A Teaching and Learning Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Teaching and Learning

Provided by the student of life and teacher of many: Adriana

It is best to read it on wide screen!

Take a moment to think of all the people who taught you a valuable lesson: Teachers, co-workers, friends, families, strangers on the internet and streets. Be grateful for every advise as it opens your mind towards new perspectives and finally shapes your personality.

Education is important but more important is the strive to actually share or gain knowledge and wisdom. Teaching and learning are not always two separate entities; for a student can teach his master a lesson and a master knows that there is always more to know.

The style of the poem is: AABBA and later read at two sides individually

I give you:

Teaching and Learning

by Gregor

Waking to a ringing sound

Head up high, feet on the ground

Grooming, Brushing

Lazily, rushing

Happy that this day is around.

Leave the home through the door

Taking transport one or more

For everyone

All-Day had begun

And with it all its task and chore.

Entering the building straight

On the left offices await

On the right classrooms await

Sitting down

Sitting down

Without a frown

Without a frown

Marking, grading until it’s eight.

Preparing pens until it’s eight.

All of the co-workers are fun

All of his classmates are fun

Telling stories what they had done

Telling what they want to become

With the bell

With the bell

Conversations fell

Conversations fell

And everyone is up and gone.

Everyone is sitting and he starts to hum.

Entering the classroom grinning

The door opens and he stops singing

As she heard the end of singing

Marvelling why the teacher is grinning

Twenty-five kids

With twenty-four kids

Her class fits

He quietly sits

Eagerly waiting for the lesson’s beginning.

Eagerly waiting for the lesson’s beginning.

Most of them do really behave

He is one of which that mostly behave

Answering all questions brave

Raising his arm to be smart and brave

Teaching is best

Learning is best

Not finding a rest

Not finding a rest

As her kids for more knowledge crave.

He wants to satisfy his knowledge crave

Teaching math, English and biology

Learning math, English and biology

Share social ethics and morality

Understanding ethics and morality

As they listen

As he listens

They gain wisdom

Grows his wisdom

Of the world in its complexity.

Of the world in its complexity

Sometimes in the class arises trouble

One of his friends always seek out for trouble

With certain groups the issues double

Sometimes he joins creating some rubble

Hard and fair

Like shaving hair

Order through care

The teacher’s stare

Problems dissolve like a soap bubble.

Create order again without a sign of a stubble.

Every day her own knowledge grows

Every day his knowledge grows

Being kind but respected shows

Getting smart and creative shows

Experience earning

Collaboration in speech

Is a way of learning

Is a way to teach

She is happy with the way she chose.

He is happy with the school he chose.

Observing her pupils get older and wise

Observing his teacher get older and wise

Raising questions, critique and analyse

Challenge her pupils but helps and advise

Meeting the goal

Meeting the goal

Of a teacher’s role

Of a student’s role

Kids become mature and give good advice!

Seeking help to uncover knowledge hidden in disguise!

I hope the poem(s) motivated you to share your knowledge and gain more wisdom by listening to stories others might tell.

Do you want a poem that is tailored to your desired topic? Become a Challenger and post your word in the Comment section below

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