An Excitement Poem

Future is a mysterious construct of time, where the outcome is yet to be seen. Still, individuals are relying on their plans, no matter the odds of life’s randomness. Pursuing the uncertain event in hope to gain a memory, as the moment will vanish in the fog of the past, is a worthwhile approach where one can already see the inner value regarding the level of excitement towards that come what may – like I am really excited for Christmas already.

The poem is in the style of ABCCBA.

I give you


by Gregor

Awoken from an active slumber

Of daily life routine.

What once rested in a process

Continuously in time’s progress

Is shaken by adrenaline

Designed the quietude to cumber.


The engine of strong chambers two

In rushing frequency

Pumping faster the fiery liquid

To keep the soul of living vivid,

Foster every agency

Within its assigned impact purview.


Invisible frisson grace in silence

As a sliding veil

Forcing to give in the dictation

Of skin constrictive horripilation

Ready to avail

The increasing excitement for reliance.


Pupils are dilating in a mix of green

Breath is taken away

Longing lips can’t contain a smile

Even time is stopping for a while

When on display

I see the countdown on the screen.

It looks like my poetry muscle hasn’t been trained for a while. Maybe you can help me get fit again. Just post your idea, topic or word you want to read a poem about in the comment section below.

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