A Next Week Poem

A lifetime’s drivers are three different forces interacting with each other – the past, the present, and the future. The past shapes us who we are; the present defines how we deal with who we are; the future gives us the prospect of who we want to become – this is the same in every language!

The poem is in the style of  A B A B C D D C.

The translation is after the poem.

I give you,

Next Week

by Gregor

La semana pasada, la semana pasada

No sabía lo que me perdí en la vida.

La felicidad real estaba sobrevalorada

Y sólo una cinematográfica fantasia.

Me engañé a mí mismo para seguir

En una prisión, encerré mi corazón

Ver el sol en luz tenue de neón

Acepté lo que no me atreví a decir.


This week, this week

My eyes capture a sparkling star

My mind explodes, my knees are weak

It is so close what seemed so far.

Every word is a gift placed carefully,

The sun is sending warming rays.

Yet, still there are so many days

And the future is full of uncertainty.


Xià ge lĭbài, xià ge lĭbài                                   下個禮拜,下個禮拜

Wǒ jiāng wúfǎ tíng xiàlái wéixiào                我將無法停下來微笑

Dāng wǒ zài nǐ shēnbiān xǐng lái.                 當我在你身邊醒來

Wǒ de xǐlè yǒngyuǎn bù huì xiǎo,                我的喜樂永遠不會小

Tàiyáng yǐjīng zhǎng zài wǒ de nèixīnle.    太陽已經長在我的內心了

Tā huì liú xià, zhídào wǒ sǐ                             它會留下,直到我死

Shǒu qiān zhuóshǒu, qīnwěn nǐ.                   手牽著手,親吻你

Nǐ shì wǒ de, wǒ yǒngyuǎn shì nǐ de.           你是我的,我永遠是你的.


  • Spanish

Last week, last week

I did not know what I missed in life

real happiness was overrated

and just a movie fantasy.

I fooled myself to keep on

In a prison, I locked my heart

Seeing the sun in dim neon light

I accepted what I did not dare to speak.


  • Chinese

Next week, next week

I won’t be able to stop to smile

When I wake up next to you

My joy will never be small

The sun has grown inside of me

It will stay until I die

Holding hands and kissing you

You are mine and I am forever yours.

All thanks to the amazing deep-learning translation website DeepL, without it it would not be possible to create a poem in three languages, of which I only speak one fluently.

Let us all work hard for a prosperous next week, not only because the next poem will be published!

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