A Chinese New Year’s Origin Poem

For years, the monster NIAN had been terrorizing the poor villagers. But with the appearance of a mysterious stranger, the tidings seem to change. Watchmen: „Villagers, come! Pack your stuff! Forget the weapons, the beast is too tough. The only way for you to survive Is to take your kids and your wife. And make haste before the night, When the monster Nian, in all … Continue reading A Chinese New Year’s Origin Poem

A Typhoon Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Typhoon Provided by the stormy blogger Sunshower In Taiwan, I had the chance to experience not only one but multiple tropical storms called typhoon. Although the fierce power of nature raged outside, my roommate and I could deepen our young friendship during the storms, eventually become BROommates. This is for you, Jacek. The style of the poem is: AAAA BBBB I give … Continue reading A Typhoon Poem

Yushan Front Peak – Sims-Edition

Most of us know the video game Sims, where you as divine being control the lives of the virtual avatars called Sims. Having a perfect virtual life is boring, I heard, so people tend to let out their inner demons by fucking their avatars up. On our hike to the front peak of the tallest mountain in Taiwan, one – or more – deity was … Continue reading Yushan Front Peak – Sims-Edition

Manila – 3 Days Pearl of the Orient

„Be cautious; take care!“ Everyone I told about my planned weekend trip to the capital of Philippines was more worried than me, that I will get robbed, stabbed or get a cold. Besides that my nose really got blocked – due to the air-conditioning in the plane – visiting Manila was an interesting but never dangerous adventure. Maybe, because I did not focus my trip … Continue reading Manila – 3 Days Pearl of the Orient

Kuala Lumpur – Malay-see-ya soon

Kuala Lumpur is one of the jewels of South-East-Asia and disrupted my perception of this region. For what I thought is a traditional capital far away from developed luxury, the city turned out to be a modern metropolis growing stronger every minute. Showing the contrast of origins and internationalization this melting pot of cultures and religions did a pretty good job in fascinating me from … Continue reading Kuala Lumpur – Malay-see-ya soon

Xiao Liu Qiu – One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

One apple a day to keep your body healthy is a nice thought of treating yourself right every day. However, I need special kinds of the vitamins A and E, namely Adventure and Excitement. Praise the healthy body but do not forget a healthy mind. Thus the old clique and me visited Xiao Liu Qiu to keep our mind occupied with the beauty of life. … Continue reading Xiao Liu Qiu – One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

5 Tips to Survive a Scooter Ride in Bali

Bali is a wonderful place on earth, but even when it looks like a small island somewhere between Borneo and Australia, it is way too big to travel every distance by foot. Because of the vastness of the island tourists and residents depend on transport vehicles. For buses and cars some roads seem pretty narrow and also traffic jams are inevitable, thus riding scooter is … Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive a Scooter Ride in Bali

Two Faces of Jakarta

When I was thinking about Indonesia I always had active volcanoes, tropical rain forests, millions of dreamy islands and exotic animals in my mind. But there is one thing I never used to wonder about: the capital – Jakarta. On our broommate (a combination of bro and roommate) trip around Asia, Jacek and I discovered the many faces of Jakarta, which are two in total. … Continue reading Two Faces of Jakarta