Xiao Liu Qiu – One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

One apple a day to keep your body healthy is a nice thought of treating yourself right every day. However, I need special kinds of the vitamins A and E, namely Adventure and Excitement. Praise the healthy body but do not forget a healthy mind. Thus the old clique and me visited Xiao Liu Qiu to keep our mind occupied with the beauty of life.


To come to this little island – Xiăo 小 actually means little – you are required to take a ferry from Kaohsiung Harbour, or you swim. Due to our un-Michael-Phelps-y stamina regarding butterfly style we took the easy way by boat.

Safe and sound we rented scooters, so we – the STUST Riders – can explore the island and all its scenic spots on one day.


Our flock slid from one place to another stopping first at the Huāpíng Yán, the Vase Rock. At this point it was obvious who has a creative mind for photography, and who has not.

How it should look like:


How it looks in reality:


We further made a bow in front of the Lingshan Temple – Amen!


The Black Dwarf Cave had a promising name, but even without black dwarfs in it, it was impressive.

The gang went on to see the Beauty Cave – and truth be told, it was beautiful there.



Taking the wrong interception, the group managed somehow to arrive at the White Lighthouse – the signal tower did not show us the right way in the first place.


At the Lobster Cave we found caves but no lobsters. This place should be called Cave Cave.




This hybrid of chillen and relaxen is one of the things all of our group members had a PHD degree. At the Clam Plate Bay National Scenic Area, we first hit the cooling sea. But due to sea-hedgehogs – literally – the real name is urchins, which I had never heard before writing this sentence –  we had to relocate.


At the Chung Au Beach, we finally could swim without harm, until one of us got blisters on his arm – that’s a rhyme. Apparently there had been jellyfish at the bay, but only one got stung, so no one cared and we continued. As the new internationals went to Xiao Liu Qiu, they sent me this picture, so maybe we should not have been swimming in there:


After a nice meal and juice in the capital of the island we said good-bye and planned to go to the next island around Taiwan. Then One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

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