A Linz Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Linz

Provided by the global blogger Adriana

The style of the poem is AABBCC.

Growing up in the city of Linz, I have learnt to love it. Walking with open eyes and open mind through the streets of history, one can be astonished by the richness of a small 200.000 resident city. Art, history, innovation, research, tradition, life! Linz is my hometown and I am proud to be born and raised here; and even in telling you 1% of its wonders, you might think, it may be worth a visit.

I give you:

A Linz Poem

By Gregor

Passing by thousand houses and a million trees.

There is some magic, are some wonders what this cruise ship sees.

Drifting gently, drifting slowly on the Danube river.

A natural gateway narrows and passengers start to shiver.

Welcomed by the medieval castle, a landscape of Linz,

Thoughtless floating starts to end as the historic city begins.


schloss_1(goldener Adler)
Castle at night (Goldener Adler)


With the switching of a valve the temperatures increase,

While the liquid steel forms in red-hot aglow seas.

The “voest alpine” boost Linz to be a superior facility,

So it gained its renown nickname of Steel City.

Research and industry are the economic roots of Linz,

With an honest man at honest work innovation begins.


Linz at night with voest alpine in the background (Film Blog)


Planning almost a whole year; it as to be perfect.

Invitations, catering, on the list everything is checked.

In the Pöstlingberg Church, the man starts to smile

As his beloved future wife is walking down the aisle.

Exchanging rings in front of the panorama of Linz,

With two mutual “Yes, I will” a new life begins.

The only table still illuminated by a simple lamp.

Typing into the late night, the girl’s hands have a cramp.

After countless hours of research, the city a new alumnus got

When she finished her thesis with a long-awaited dot.

She is not the only student of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Where learning never stops and academic excellence begins.

Although she had performed her show so often,

A thousand new pairs of eyes make her knees soften.

She takes a deep breath and tells herself ‘it will be fine,

They may fill the main square, but the stage is only mine‘.

She says “Thank you all, it is again nice to be in Linz”.

And with her show, one of the countless cultural events begins.

Main Square (Holiday Check)

Walking, feeling and marvelling at all its present beauty,

Then sitting down and writing about it is my civic duty.

Travelling the globe, discovering some magical place

Despite their greatness one thing they have to face.

May seasons change, in my heart is always Linz,

Where my life will end as it chose “here it begins”!


Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY
Panorama of Linz (Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY)


I hope you have the same feelings about your hometown!

Did you like my poetry? Do you want to decide what I should write next about?

Become a Challenger and post your word in the comment Section after the pictures of Linz.




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