A Step-By-Step Christmas Story

As Christmas approaches with fast steps, this short story is evolving in 24 days, where each day a partly random sentence will be added. I want readers to post their ideas in the comments to make the story more diverse, developing from different minds and perspectives of storytelling, creating a unique 24 sentence story! Maybe it will be romantic, maybe dinosaurs will fight cats over … Continue reading A Step-By-Step Christmas Story

Of Clouds and Suns – Intro

Although his externalities were already stiff, he stood as still as possible. The air around him felt charged by electricity, buzzing due to the high voltage, almost such as a swarm of bees was trying to populate his unmoved body. If he would have stood a few more meters closer to the wired fence, he could have taken shelter from the threat of being seen. … Continue reading Of Clouds and Suns – Intro

Homo Photosyntheticus

„Dearliiiing, what do you want to eat today?“ – “What do you want?” – “I am open for everything. You suggest!” – “Okay, Steak?” – “No.” – “Pasta?” – “Nope” – “Curry?” – “Hmm,  nah.” – “Braised vegetables?” – “Ney.” – “Chine…” – “Noo!” – “AHHHHH!!!!!” Who doesn’t know these conversations about the daily meal agenda? Similar to the “I don’t have anything to wear”-approaches, … Continue reading Homo Photosyntheticus

An Untold Graduation Speech

Delivering a speech in front of students, who graduated or are about to graduate in the near future is an honour for everyone. You, as a single individuum, get the chance to influence the worldview of so many with your speech on this special day, as I got influenced by the speech given during my Bachelor’s graduation ceremony. I wanted to reach out to the … Continue reading An Untold Graduation Speech

Spiel des Lebens

„Bing“ … Dieses Geräusch … „Bing“ … Immer wieder dieses Geräusch … „Bing“. Emma führt eigentlich ein ganz normales Leben. Nicht ganz normal, denn sie hat bisher in ihrem Leben schon relativ viel erreicht. Die gebürtige Österreicherin erhielt schon mit 25 Jahren ihren Mastertitel in Mechatronik und ist heute, zwei Jahre später, gerade dabei nebenberuflich ihre Doktorarbeit zu schreiben. Ihr Vorgesetzter riet ihr zwar davon … Continue reading Spiel des Lebens