A Walk Towards You

A walk. One step after another. Where does it lead, where do you go? Of all the purpose forgotten in a silent asylum of thoughts, you walk aimlessly towards the goal. Unconscious about the movement itself, metronomic placed footprints are left on the ground of your nearest past. Where do they come from, where did you start? A chase for reason is caused by the absence of it. Without creating the first step, the end did never exist. A desire, a duty, a fate, whatever is leading you to where you walk, it lays in the shadows behind your back, never forgotten yet more immaterial than the present. So as one step follows the former and will be followed by the next, your mind will never stand. Time is against you in the face of life. Opposing every pressure laying on top of your shoulders, you are still able to raise your head, perceiving the obstacles on your way as milestones to achieve what you crave for, what you think is meant to be. Although the stones on the path you take are cold, life is prosperous and flowers bloom. Sometimes you forgot to look at them because the steady walk forward a goal is coating your perspective and makes unseen beauty obsolete. A glimpse of happiness does not require stagnation to catch it, rather encourages the walker to go further. There are many wonders presented alongside your path, you just have to allow yourself to take notice and accept their impact. Houses can become homes, strangers can become family, seeds can become food and the way itself can become your friend. Acknowledging its beauty, a footprint mutually increases the value. You get coined as you walk, and as you walk you coin everything on and besides your trail. And still, you go on, never for yourself, never alone. Marvelling is the option you can take to make the journey a worthwhile, heading to an end which is impregnated in your mind. As the future is yet to be seen, your body and soul crave for a break from the exhaustion of the walk. You have pursued your dreams for so long, but a rest is not feasible. You continue walking on, life is cheering at your endurance, your will, your strength, your path. And after endless deadlocks, hidden trails and dangerous tracks, you eventually are back here at my side! Looking at your achievement, you come to the sudden realization, that you forgot to buy the milk in the grocery store and have to go again!

A walk. One step after ano…….

2 thoughts on “A Walk Towards You

  1. OMG! You did it again. You stunned and left me astonished! Exactly how it is when you let your feet guide you and empty your mind. Them baaaaam! You realize you have forgotten the purpose of the walk!!! Incredible, you caught all the feelings and thoughts!
    Congratulations and thank you for inspiring

    Liked by 1 person

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