An Art Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Art

Provided by the artistically blessed blogger Adriana

People, who are actively looking for the wonders of art created by mankind often tend to forget to look at the simplest and purest things in life, life itself.

The style of the poem is simple: AA BB CC

I give you


by Gregor

A young man was about to strive

For the most wonderful art in life.

The way to find it was not clear.

In fact, he did not have any idea.

So he picked every book from his shelf

and tried the classics of art by himself.

A dragon’s fire kills in burning rage!

A battle field old of centuries age!

A princess in a castle cries for a knight!

A man with his own demons occupied!

A seasonal change and its effect on a tree!

He wrote about everything in his poetry.

After the last dot, he laid down the quill.

His poems were mighty, but he felt still

The verses he had created so melodic,

Left him not satisfied, rather melancholic.

The art he pursued is only so grand

For who is able the language to understand!

A vase and an apple placed on a table!

A clock melting, which shouldn’t be able!

A conqueror on horse defeating the foe!

A tornado of colour spread so and so!

A black dot in sheer absence of things!

He drew everything in his paintings.

After the last stroke, he laid down the brush.

His body was tired, his mind was in rush.

The colour he placed on canvas precisely,

Only in his eyes, the drawings looked nicely.

The art he wanted to find, should be objective

And not relying on someone’s perspective!

A serenade played by strings in B major!

A shanty sung at sea by a single sailor!

A waltz spinning in a three-quarters stroke!

A high-pitched aria where feelings evoke!

A solo violin performs a requiem acoustic!

He composed everything in his music.

After the last note, he laid down the baton.

He created a song for every possible pattern.

The rhythms were still flowing in his vein,

His heart, however, was in unbearable pain.

His perception of the ultimate art was wrong,

Because it is limited to the length of a song!

Desperate about his unfulfilled quest

He went for a walk to give his soul a rest.

It was freezing for an autumn night.

The moon was up and shined so bright.

The air was clear, but not was his fate

Mindlessly he walked into a direction straight.

After a while of his walk of cunctation

He crossed a mere empty train station.

The only person on the platform to stand

Was a man with a flower bouquet in his hand.

Curiosity led the steps towards the man,

Give advice for art the stranger maybe can.’

But before a single word was spoken,

The stranger’s tears had the silence broken.

The crying man started: “I am terribly sorry,

I need to tell someone about my story,

Because I am not able to stop to worry

About that woman, her name is Lori!

Back in the days we had been lovers

Until fate laid unfortunate covers

Over the life that we once shared,

When her departure to Europe she declared.

She would have stayed, it wasn’t her fault

But circumstances brought the ‘us’ to halt!

Since then, the only way of communication

was sending letters at every occation.

But one day she suddenly stopped to reply,

And I never knew the reason why.

Five years later, I heard she is coming to town

That’s why I am here, so I should not frown!

However, I don’t know whether she

Is still the same way in love with me.

So I am praying and waiting for her.

Thank you for listening, I feel slightly better!

His last word was swallowed by the horn’s reign

Of the incoming late night train.

A woman stepped out into the cold.

The years had made the beauty look old.

She came close but did not say a word.

The silence was tactile, only cut by a sword.

Lori, all the time I have been waiting for you

The woman answered: “I have been waiting too!”

The energy of love when they finally kissed

Was the thing the young artist had missed.

Loving so truly, although so long time apart.

It seems life itself is a piece of art!

We all are artist and what we create

Is how we artistically deal with our own fate!

I hope you liked reading the poem as much as I liked writing it. When you want to decide the topic of the next poem, become a Challenger and post your word in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “An Art Poem

  1. Your art poem is a piece of art. And art made of art!
    I deeply admire your talent.

    While reading it you made me feel so many things, inspired, while all the effort he’s doing to do real art, sadness when the man at the train station hasn’t hear from Lori in so long, excitement when they see each other again.

    I love it!

    Liked by 3 people

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