A Walk in the Jungle

After an unknown while of silent thoughts, I finally stand up and start walking. Looking around I became aware that I am in a jungle. But not the infamous wilds and endless forests I used to see on trips to the exotic. No, this was a modern jungle, a business jungle. The neon sun shines from its zenith, yet the exact time of the day I can’t guess. Its brightness illuminates the whole habitat, yet its virulent tone lets only conjecture the existence of a sky around the glowing centre. The air is thick and motionless such as a draught brought over a once vital land. The jungle floor is covered with a moss-like layer of blue, dimming each of my steps. It is soft and resilient, passively and unstoppably slowing down my pace. My feet start longing for something else than the quicksand the ground layer slowly turns into. Still, I go on, because stagnancy is unfortunate in this jungle. Alongside the way, exotic trees and bushes are growing close to close. Although all different, they share the peculiar way of how their trunks were covered with even more peculiar patterns. Alienated scribbles and skilled drawn figures, some round, some straight, some shine in the brightest colours, some are plain and simple. How many aimless wanderers had been beguiled by one or the other mysterious fruit that has been presented at any plant? Little they knew, or maybe they had been aware of the wild beasts stalking from the shadows of the bush. Once the bait is taken by a traveller the predators snap out to hypnotize the victim. Their words speak of future, prosperity and innovation, while the restless but tired eyes tell a story of longing for a quiet home. I try to avoid getting too close to the hunters’ hungry eyes, but one or two attacks are inevitable while forcing my way through the viscous crowd of seeking adventurers on the path. Before I give in another time to my role as pray, I manage to reach the open land. The pressure is lifted for one moment from my weary shoulders. For the first time, I see real emotions, a shy smile in front of the waterhole where pray and predator become equal in the urge of a break. I wish this moment of peace and relieve could last a little longer, yet it is time for me to go. For the second term of my walk through the jungle, I take a different route. However, the monotony of the extraordinary pressed against each other blurs the vegetation into an indistinguishable mist of everything and nothingness. My path leads me back to where my walk had started. Quietly I sit down and make myself ready for the next traveller to pass.

I am one of them, I am a predator … and I love it!

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