A Two-Sided Poem

Sometimes a happy story hides a sad tone, and a sad story reveals to have something good inside depending on the perspective one is looking at the situation.

This poem contains two stories, one of a love that was doomed to fail (top to bottom), the other of a chance of establishing love despite all odds (bottom to top). For which you decide at the end, is your own choice.

One ends with two

by Gregor


Because none of us had experienced something like this before

We both smiled, but there was always one who was smiling more

From the first moment we each knew it from the depth of the core

Our relationship would never be ordinary from the start of our lore


Our future is not written yet, of any script it is free.

Our present is full of changes and of uncertainty.

Our past was not ready for this scenario of you and me.

But in the end, the distance between us changed so rapidly.


It all came so unexpectedly, or was it written in stone?

YES – this one moment changed all that was before known.

“Do you love me?” Was the question I tried to postpone.

No one could break the silence and I was freezing to the bone.


We both knew that this won’t be easy to set

But our decision we never wanted to ever regret

Of salty tears, both our eyes were blurry and wet

This was the supposedly last time we would have met.


by Gregor

One starts with Two


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