International Cheers

Birthday, Weekend, Promotion, Engagement, Wedding, Children, Grades, Degrees, Week-split. There are millions of reasons to cheers with your friends, family and random strangers in a bar. Life itself deserves to be cheered every day. And that is what we do here in Taiwan. Due to our international friendship compositions, there are many ways to cheer, and some of them are shown here – and that … Continue reading International Cheers

Yushan Front Peak – Sims-Edition

Most of us know the video game Sims, where you as divine being control the lives of the virtual avatars called Sims. Having a perfect virtual life is boring, I heard, so people tend to let out their inner demons by fucking their avatars up. On our hike to the front peak of the tallest mountain in Taiwan, one – or more – deity was … Continue reading Yushan Front Peak – Sims-Edition

Cultural Festival – Griaß di, Austria

Like every year the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology hosted a special event, where foreign students can introduce their country, culture and art performance to other (mostly Taiwanese) students. So I tried my best to bring a little Austria to Taiwan – in traditional leather trousers (Lederhose) of course! Griaß di, Austria At the festival, students had to decorate a booth and cook … Continue reading Cultural Festival – Griaß di, Austria

STUST III.C – Master Thesis

I’ve finished it! Besides the acknowledgement I will write after the defence I’ve completed 125 pages of academic paper, exceeding my Bachelor’s thesis with over 75 pages. During the process I laughed, I cried, I wrote, I rested – more than I should – and I wrote again. See the journey of my thesis and the questions what, why, who, how, where, when and WTF! … Continue reading STUST III.C – Master Thesis

STUST III.B – Courses Second Semester

The second semester at STUST is more exciting and interactive than the first one and to pep it up, I will give you valuable information about each course in the typical real-life Grexxen style – “Did you know that…”. For those of you who missed the first part and are motivated enough to read about my courses in the first Semester click here or here. … Continue reading STUST III.B – Courses Second Semester

STUST III.A – Courses First Semester

While trying to explain in this three-plus-two-part-series about the STUST that I work hard for my oversea degree, I caught myself talking more about food and leisure activity than actually study related topics – again. That’s why the three last parts are dedicated to my study, courses and master thesis instead of fried rice and coffee – although I need a lot of coffee when … Continue reading STUST III.A – Courses First Semester

Manila – 3 Days Pearl of the Orient

„Be cautious; take care!“ Everyone I told about my planned weekend trip to the capital of Philippines was more worried than me, that I will get robbed, stabbed or get a cold. Besides that my nose really got blocked – due to the air-conditioning in the plane – visiting Manila was an interesting but never dangerous adventure. Maybe, because I did not focus my trip … Continue reading Manila – 3 Days Pearl of the Orient

Kuala Lumpur – Malay-see-ya soon

Kuala Lumpur is one of the jewels of South-East-Asia and disrupted my perception of this region. For what I thought is a traditional capital far away from developed luxury, the city turned out to be a modern metropolis growing stronger every minute. Showing the contrast of origins and internationalization this melting pot of cultures and religions did a pretty good job in fascinating me from … Continue reading Kuala Lumpur – Malay-see-ya soon