A Traffic Poem

Traffic jams can be boring, so why not using the time looking at the wonders nearby the road. Maybe there is something invaluable that just haven’t been noticed yet.

Every day the same routine,

stop and go and go and stay.

Cars aligned like shining ray

Some are patient, some are mean.


An inert snake on the concrete

Slowly roaming fragmentary

Even in the greatest hurry

The waiting worm no rush can beat.


He is sitting in the car

Sleepy eyes gaze at the spot

On the window, he could not

Wash off in past weeks so far.


The stain almost looked alike

A celestial body, a drawn sun

When did it appear? Will it be gone?

His mind was moving with this seiche.


His thoughts are wildly flying

Around his bed waiting at home.

Instead, he has to tardily roam

In the traffic, slow and tiring.


Focussed on the dirty star

His sight found another pair

Of eyes that directly at him stare

From the lady in the neighbouring car.


Although she was also trapped

In the traffic’s hardened tar

Something was peculiar

As she did what wasn’t apt.


She smiled at him in a fair way

And his heart started rushing

He even felt his cheeks are blushing

His boredom was blown away.


He replied with his best smile

And the lady began to laugh

So did he on joy’s behalf

Wordless pairing for a while.


In the end, traffic was away

From shared time they must resign

The lady but hold up a sign,

Stating “Have a nice day”.


The following years went so fast.

First a coffee, a date and then a kiss

Face together storm and bliss.

She said “Yes” when she was asked.


With his wife so sweet and seraphic

He always smiles in any relation

Even in the most boring situation

Like now where he is in a heavy traffic.


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