A Beginning Poem

The end is always the beginning of something new. Even though we might head into a favourable situation during this change, it takes time and patience. But all efforts are rewarded in its own mysterious ways.

for Adriana, from a helpless admirer,

Once upon a time

There was a single thought

That I wanted to put into a rhyme

But this time it was odd.


I first began with “Once upon”,

But the rest was never written.

I felt like my fingers had been bitten,

So, I tried another run.


“Beginning is the word I have”

Was the start of the first verse.

But the rest was done so worse,

So, I altered the poem’s calve.


I tried to write “Why is a raven”.

But this phrase was ringing a bell,

Do not plagiarize Luis Carroll!

So, I’d had those first words shaven.


I was desperate and in despair

Thinking that the world is unfair.

After a while

I changed the style.

Maybe it is better in a Limerick’s flare.


Again I started to articulate,

But this path was not part of my fate.

15 not less

Starts had been a mess,

Before I realized, it was already too late.


Not a single word on the sheet was told.

I had torn my hair a thousand fold

And I felt that my head got bold

Because the air felt piercingly cold.


I even tried to build the rhyme

Like the pyramids in their prime

Had been built in an ancient time

Starting at the end of the usual climb.


So, I proudly wrote “The End”.

But who am I to vainly pretend,

The starting point was not my friend.

A week I had already spent.










There was a wording I can say.

Joyfully I shouted “hurray”!!

But wait!








My dear princess, I am really sorry,

For months, I couldn’t stop to worry.

I hope that you are still with me in love,

Although I struggled as seen all above.


You see, I have a serious issue.

Not only love, but I also miss you.

And in this time, there is so much to say

Of how much I need you every day.


How could I ever express this magical feeling

When I can’t even break the start’s sealing.

Against all my pride, I have to do a confession

There are just no words I could use for expression.


However, don’t worry, I will never rest

Until I find the words fitting the best.

Until then, you voluntarily have to excuse,

These are the words I will preliminary use:


You are my girl, my lover and friend.

You are my beginning; you will be my end!


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