A Wrath Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Wrath

Provided by the self-balanced blogger Adriana

Although wrath is one of the seven deadly sins, it is one feeling that makes us human. It should not be connoted with negative thoughts only, because anger origins from being hurt, being vulnerable, being disappointed by life’s path. Sure, anger can destroy once relieved into the direction of innocence and support, but it can also be funnelled into something creative, something constructive. To reach this perception is a hard way, but it eventually leads to inner peace.

The style of the poem is: A A B B C C

I give you:


By Gregor

First, it was a timid throb which she starts to feel,

An unexpected drop in joy, not sure whether it is real.

With every intoxicated word spoken reaching to her ears

Her heart turns cold and colder, in her soul, a black hole appears.

Like a dark veil of fog engulfing her rationality’s path

A crippling demon coats her disguised as ubiquitous wrath.

Her modesty demands her to react properly and not odd.

So instead of honesty, she smiles silently accompanied by a nod.

Yet, all encouragement to push herself back seems to be nugatory.

Her anger is locked in a state where every comment is defamatory.

Growing fury in her heart blindly leading to the stage

Where, with strident sarcasm, she first blew off her dire rage.

Shocked about her articulation, unreal of her common esteem,

For fixing the damage done she isn’t able to alter her voice’s theme.

Her heart had already turned into a stone-like figure,

The consuming undertow in her soul has never been bigger.

Before rationality became over rogue comments supreme

A new wave of umbrage succeeds to lure her to start to scream.

“The louder the better and try to be devastatingly mean

And tell publicly how wrong the other has always been.”

Of colour bereft her perspective is only black and white

All her bitterness is funnelled into this enraged fight.

As all words had been said, for peace it is too late

Pieces start to shatter from the aggressively thrown plate.

The burning fire inside her is still not extinguished,

Friends from enemies can’t anymore be distinguished.

The ice of her heart clashes into the inferno in her soul

Creating an ire which consumes her as a whole.

Then her skin cracks open like the plate on the floor

And she explodes in an uncontrollable flaming furore!

Suddenly she snapped back into reality’s realm.

Despite her wishes, she was as always rationally calm.

Silence and frustration is settled deep in her soul

Instead of burning, her anger will remain an unused coal.

She knows that keeping shut will kill her one day,

But for now, she is better of with nothing to say.

Later that day all the wrath is forgotten,

Joy had replaced all the memories rotten.

Anger is a human trait but should it be tamed,

So innocence can never for mistakes be blamed.

Instead, try to turn outrageous feelings into creativity

And write, like she did, the most wonderful poetry.

What should the next poem be about?

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