A Meeting Poem

,The Challenger’s Word: Meeting

Provided by the unreached blogger Adriana

In life, you are meeting all kinds of poeple who coin you, your personality, your worldview. Some people, however, are more than just friends. Their relation to you is based on something deeper, something more sincere. Destiny or coincidence, whatever determines the fact, that it is hard to find or to keep those poeple in life, keep your heart and mind open before you realize it is too late.

The style of the poem is a set of chain links: A B A   B C B   C D C

I give you:


by Gregor

An ancient idiom wisely states,

In life, there are seven people who

Are of potential to be your soul mates.

But there are other mechanisms true,

The cruellest hidden in mathematic,

Being similar to life all the way through.

At first, we take two strings which are static,

In math, they are called the parallel line,

They are the same but never meet, isn’t it aesthetic?

The second ones are crossing – which in general is fine.

But yet life provides an awful twist,

Once met, they won’t again. Doomed to never align!

In the third case, the other line won’t be missed

They come close and closer as asymptotes

But never have to chance to ever be kissed.


These sad perspectives sure lead to thoughts:

Is it worth searching and is there a good ending?

To answer: yes, happy ways are of lots.

At first, there are the waves, not pretending,

Sinus and cosine in more frequent interaction

For ups and downs, soul mates are not depending.

The other one is of oneself a fraction,

Spending time mostly overlapped together,

But there is still a stronger form of affection.

Instead of crossing they are adding what matter,

Each other’s attributes to become one

Helping the to grow into something better.

Some soul mates are there, others are gone

Value people, and what their friendship creates

And once met, lifelong impressions are done!

What should the next poem be about?

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