A Water Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Water

Provided by the blogger and dearest friend abroad Adriana

Water has many forms, but the most honest one is shaped of a tear shed because you have to say goodbye to a dear one. Tears, however, doesn’t have to be negatively connotated. A tear of sadness means, that the other person and the time together was worth being sad.

I give you:


By Gregor









As it starts

It will not stop

The river it creates

Caused by the different fates

Flowing down both of your cheeks

Caused by sadness’ depths and happiness’ peaks.

While they fall to the ground, dropping absent of all sound

Memories of days already passed, appear in minds and vanish fast

Walking outside for endless hours, strolling around and make gyms ours

Sitting there with a wine bottle or two, talking about what’s real and true

About Alien life and transhumanism, quantum mechanics and capitalism.

But as the tears reach the floor, and words to say are none more

I turn around, we both cry, it is hard to say a friend goodbye.

But as I sit and write this here, you deserve every tear

Dropped at the end, you are an amazing friend.

Why water drops is due to


everything you stand for in this friendship and I honestly and truthfully thank you!

What should the next poem be about?

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One thought on “A Water Poem

  1. Grxxen, my dear trovadour,
    I’m thankful that we crossed paths
    I miss you, but I wish you the best for sure,
    Full of wellness and never wrath!

    Just here, right now, that the word of lure,
    Make a poem with “wrath” to continue our traditional math.

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