A Bulgogi Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Bulgogi

Provided by the lovely blogger SaltyAvocado

Self-confidence is good to survive the modern fast-pasted world of ours. Over-confidence on the other edge of the spectre is dangerous. Friends are here to push you higher and keep you on the ground of reality. You share interests, hobbies, memories, hopes – and food.

I give you:


By Gregor

Once upon a time, in far eastern lands

There was a troubadour,

Who was eager to rhyme for his friends.

Of that he was sure!

But one friend, she was really clever,

Oh, demanding troubadour!

Gave in the trend the hardest word ever

And he fell for the lure!

He had to rhyme about a specific food,

Oh, hungry troubadour!

Which, at its prime, tasted really good.

So he said “Bon jour”!

The chosen meal is called Bulgogi,

Oh, foolish troubadour!

Soon he started to feel a bit groggy,

His imagination was so poor!

He began to think about this specific friend,

Oh, clever troubadour!

And could find a link to bring his suffer to an end,

So he sent his words on tour!

The poem he wrote was an epic piece,

Oh, master troubadour!

1000 verses devote to war and peace,

And angels sang so pure!

But suddenly his fate turned vile,

Oh, stupid troubadour!

He accidently deleted the file.

His acting was not mature!

Again he had to do, but the result is a mess,

Oh, tired troubadour!

Still he says: Thank you, my dear friend Jess!

Friendship is the writing blockage’s cure!

What should the next poem be about?

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