A Melodic Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Melodic

Provided by the artistic blogger Adriana

Dancing is the most passionate thing you can do with a partner. Moving together to the rhythms of the instruments, getting closer and closer to finally drown in passion is a great way to harmonize a heartbeat of couples.

The style of the poem is: A A B B A

I give you:


By Gregor

At crowded dancefloors it is chaotic

Everyone moves as they want rhapsodic.

But when a song fins

A new rhythm begins.

The music starts playing a Salsa so iconic.

Brave man prompt ladies to dance, how heroic.

Flattered they agree upon moving harmonic.

In the dancing ring

The Gentleman swing

Their partners in circles to the music methodic.

From outside the fast steps seem to be platonic.

Yet, looking closer at the couple it is highly erotic.

The shyness is gone,

Two became one,

And their hearts merged to beat in sync and melodic.

Body on body, hand in hand dancing to rhythms exotic.

Although sweating, couples enjoy passion, so hedonic.

As the beat plays along

The lover’s favourite song

The feminine dancers are spun wildly in circles periodic.

While getting closer and closer by turning synodic,

The temptation and desire of all dancers is ergodic.

As music flows,

Longing grows,

To move the bodies at home in this rhythm prosodic.

In greatest heat, the band reminds: “this song is episodic!”

After a deep bow for the other, the world again is dyadic.

The dancers aren’t sad,

A great Salsa they had,

Waiting till the guitar the next song will start, monodic.

What should the next poem be about?

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