A Mushroom Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Mushroom – Funny

Provided by the bloggers Adriana and Jessica

Although sometimes seen as intrudors or unwanted plants, mushrooms build a remarkable symbiosis with there hosts – good or bad. Even within the community of fungi, without each other a mushroom is can never be as strong as alone.

The sytle of poem is simple: A A B B

I give you:


By Gregor

Once deep inside woods unknown

Carpets of shrooms, fully grown,

Populate a fallen tree

Building a community.

All the fungi gloom so bright

With blueish colours day and night.

In this ocean the mushroom form

Only one stands out of every norm.

The trunk was whiter than the other greys,

In different heights its body sways.

The most iconic difference it had,

Instead of blue its hat was red.

The agaric being was feared by others,

Even though he never bothers

Any of his fungal brothers

Or freshlings growing near their mothers.

But there was no reason to be afraid.

It spoke nicely, always offered to aid.

Still the disconformity did not end

Because it was too different.

Although in the crowd, it was alone.

Its heart almost turned into stone.

But the misery had a sudden change

When figures appeared, looking strange.

Instead of one, they had feet two.

Arms growing from the shoulders too.

Giant Hands, like a killing hound,

Rip the mushrooms from the ground.

Half of the carpet was already torn

When the giant’s voice loud like a horn:

“Before the soup turn into waste,

I should try one regarding its taste!”

The giant hand reached out blind

Into the basket, a picked one to find.

To save a freighted fungus, not a friend,

The red mushroom jumped into the hand.

The bite was quick, and without a cry

The mushroom waived his flock goodbye.

Without regrets the shroom so lonely

Saved the others one and only.

The giant intruder started to gag,

Stumbled around and fell of its leg.

After time the dead body was cool.

The red fungus was a toadstool.

And so, a story in poetic creation

Was told from this to the next generation

About a hero and its martyrdom:

The Legend of the red mushroom.

What should the next poem be about?

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