A Smirk Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Smirk

Provided by the blogger Adriana

A little smile can be used to respond in 100 scenarios, tell thousands of stories in silence and express millions of feelings. The incompleteness of a smirk parallels the personal inperfections and how they are more approriate than unhonest smiles.

The style of the poem is three-toned:  A B B A C C

I give you:


By Gregor

Of all things making you feel alive,

Besides challenge, failure and success,

There is one moment which seems less,

Yet, expressing million things in life.

When words aren’t able to complete the work

It is done by the incompleteness of a smirk!

Being in an unfamiliar situation,

The body shaking from pent-up tension,

When strangers start your name to mention,

While talking about your artistic creation.

When words aren’t brave enough to work

Express the shyness with a smirk!

A quick glimpse in a nervous state

To the beauty standing at a table.

He is not sure whether he is able

To ask the woman out for a date.

When words aren’t luring enough to work

Seduce the other with a smirk!

Some things are better left unspoken,

Sheltered from the world to know,

Stopping further questions flow,

On the lips a seal unbroken.

When words are too dangerous to work

Keeping your secrets with a smirk!

In life, sad happenings occur,

Failure, loss or tragedy.

Solace from friend and family,

In form of silence, honest and pure.

When words aren’t consolatory enough to work

Give strength to the weakened with a smirk!

Riding towards a bright sunset

Having a lovely wife, friends and roof.

There is no need for a public proof.

You go your way without a regret.

When words are too intrusive to work

Enjoy your life with a silent smirk!

The destiny of all is the same.

You can only take a last look back

On the way you left your track,

On your true self in life’s frame.

When words aren’t significant enough to work

End your journey with a smirk!

What should the next poem be about?

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2 thoughts on “A Smirk Poem

  1. The art of the unspoken! Half way here, half way there. It’s beautiful!

    My dear blogger, don’t go into dispair
    For a new word I’m here to share,
    Something you touch when you get to land
    ‘Cause the new poem is about “sand”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, my fellow commentator and friend
      I won’t let you down to please your demand
      In the next poem I will try to comprehend
      the hidden history of crystal-like sand.

      Liked by 1 person

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