A Circle of Life Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Mushroom

Provided by the bloggers Adriana and Jessica

The main trait of life is that it end. Without limitation, it would be less appreciated. Sadly, many people forgot how to appreciate not only there time, but also the current existence of beautiful things as nature itself. However, every certain decay is a start of something new, when you look closely at it – it can a new thought, a new perspective or new life.

The style of poem is twisted: A B C D C    A B E D E

I give you:

Circle of Life

By Gregor

Humid billows of silky mist

Floating silently between trees.

Arcanely noises fill the void,

Vocalize the sound of secrets,

unimpeded, undestroyed.

Crunching like a timely fist

A beech, no more a single piece,

Shattered falls into the swamp.

Like white feathers of egrets

Steady baits the burst stump.

Ashen life in slow decay,

Death is reckoned as present.

Yet, nature’s ways are circular.

New soil from corpses of wood,

The end of being is away so far.

On laying stems life will stay,

Desertedness to be resent.

Future eras are of bloom,

Symbiosis as nature’s good

Upheaving a small mushroom.

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