Singapore – A Song about Prosperity

Not so long a time ago,

My roommate and Polish bro,

And me wanted to see of Asia more,

So we travelled to Singapore.


To tell you about this Asian city,

It is full of wealth and prosperity.

Also rich was our plan,

What to see in this nice land.


When we arrived at Singapore,

We watched the sunrise on the shore,

Afterwards we both strolled to

Our AirBnB with swimming pool.



For lunch we went to the promising,

Ramen at Keizuke Tongkezu King.

To get a taste of this fine crown,

We strolled through lively Chinatown.


Afterwards we showed we are brave,

By walking over Henderson Wave.

Although it was stated everywhere,

We could not see any monkeys there.


The next stop during our stay

Was the lightshow at Gardens by the Bay.

The other lightshow on the shore

Was also nice to see in Singapore.


We crossed the Helix bridge for good

On the other side was already waiting food

Here stops our first day

Of our Singaporean stay.


The next day our sightseeing spot was itchy

So we took the hiking trail at McRitchie.

But after walking almost 8 miles,

There weren’t monkeys, just small reptiles.


Guess which day we had been there: Monday!

We also saw Little India’s maze

And ate Indian lunch at Jaggi’s place.

In the evening we dressed up

Not to make the high-society think we are messed up.


The reason was not our attitude

But our visit at 1-Altitude.

This rooftop bar is the highest in the city,

The first drink cost 30SGD, what a pity.


From there we had the greatest view,

To see scenic spots not just a few,

But every touristic and non-touristic spot

is observable from this bar on the roof top.


We also saw the lightshow at Marina Bay Sand

And watched it from beginning till the end.

But our city trip was not over,

We had at least one thing to cover.


Clark Quay is the name of the spot

Providing Bars and restaurants a lot.

Because our budget was not that high,

We just walked through it and passed by.


Here it ended our room-mate trip

In the island state at Malaysia’s tip.

As a conclusion of Singapore,

It is worth a visit for sure!

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