A Pet Poem

Whether cat, dog or geckos. Pets are more than just animals you own, they are family members deserving and returning love!

A Pet Poem

By Gregor for Brandy and Zora


You! You are hunting demons keeping all awake during the night.

You! You are always hungry and for my own food, I have to fight.

You! You run over the keyboard like you have to win a race.

You! First, you miaow, but then you demand your personal space.


You! You keep me company when loneliness keeps the spirit low.

You! You don’t understand a word but there is no secret you don’t know.

You! You are easing pain with no words but only vibrating whiskers

You! You are not just my pet. For me, you are my beloved sisters!

Thank you for reading! Or to say it in Catish: Miaow miaow miaaaaaaaow!

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