A Travelling is Life Poem

There are too many wonders to see, too many people to meet, too many tastes to try and too many stories to hear. Travelling broadens one’s personal horizon and embraces personal growth. But what happens, when your life depends on it?

Travelling is Life

By Gregor

After hard labour, a child was born in spring.

The boy was healthy, but fate drew an evil string.

Then after he reached his 12th birth year

He got mysteriously sick, to his parents’ fear.

The family collected a myriad of medical advice.

No medication, however, could stop his demise.

Close to his death, the kid made a wish,

I want to see the home off a million fish.

I want to gaze at a sunset by the sea.

After this, you can say farewell to me

As the boy wished for, in a foreign land

He could bury his toes in the white sand.

Looking at the beauty in gleaming red

When the day laid the sun to bed

He suddenly felt better, his scars disappeared.

Death did not come, as anyone had feared.

All were puzzled and but happy until

Back at home he immediately got ill.

All hope was shattered, the family down

When they heard of a new doctor in town.

The strange man in his long doctor’s coat

Looked deep into the boy’s swollen throat

I examine the sick and tell what they need.

You, young lad, are truly special indeed!

You have a serious condition, better be a believer.

Then you, my son, suffer from “Travel Fever”!

The core of this unique illness is, to simplify,

when you stop travelling, you will certainly die.

The easiest solution to this rare situation

Is that you have to travel your whole life duration.

Abiding the doctor’s strange consultation

The family went on another vacation.

Against all odds and all western understanding

With every landmark, the boy’s life was extending.

So he grew to be strong and handsomely tall,

Knowledgeable of cultures and languages all.

On one of his journeys to a Mesoamerican land

He met a woman, soon she became his girlfriend.

The reason for travelling was no longer death but life

And after some years he made her his wife.

Decades of happiness had passed on by,

It seemed that the man’s conditions all ageing defy.

He was looking like 30 and felt so fit like never,

His wife could not stop time passing, however.

She grew old and her weakened bones weary.

I cannot go further”, her words were teary.

My age hinders to travel any additional mile,

I will stay here and rest for a good while.

I had accepted your travel necessitation,

You must go on without any hesitation.

The man, however, decided to stay,

And alas! His body turned 80 in one day.

With tearing eyes the wife pleaded him to go,

But he refused with a calm and sincere “No!

My dear, my angel, I think you don’t understand.

Alone and together we travelled any foreign land.

I saw sunrises, mountains, temples and more,

Met people with different background and lore.

In the wildest jungle, I climbed the tallest tree.

and explored the darkest trench in the sea.

There is not much my eyes had not seen,

Or places that I haven’t previously been.

All of this adventures had been my life’s core,

But there is only one thing worth dying for!

During all journeys, I had to aimlessly roam.

But you on my side made me feel like home.

I have travelled the world and skies above

But the biggest journey for me is our love.

He took her shaking hand and kissed his wife

And both travelled together into the afterlife.

Thank you for reading!

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