Achievement unlocked!

„Bing“ … That sound … „Bing“ … That sound, again and again … „Bing“.

Emma’s life is pretty normal. Not normal for real, because she had already reached at lot in her life. The Austrian woman gained her master degree in mechatronics at the age of 25 and today, two years later, she is going to finish her dissertation to become a PHD, besides her normal job. Her employer pledged, that she should not overdo herself with the continuing of her studies, but Emma was motivated to learn more about the world around her, although she was already team leader of 50 people within her department in a well-paid job.

Besides her job, Emma seems quite successful within her private life. She is happily married, mother of two and lives with her family in a suburb of Berlin. She drives a new car and explores every year one new country. All in all, everyone envies her for her success. But what her friends and family members don’t know is her tiny little problem.


It all started when Emma was a little girl. From time to time she heard a high tone. It appeared as quickly as it went away again, mostly when she almost had forgotten it. But when the acoustic tone appears, it was so intense, that Emma was not able to ignore it. While the world around her appeared to slide into the background during the tone, the only other thing she could perceive was a flat, rectangular, spinning sign above her head, which appeared and disappeared simultaneously to the high pitch tone.

If other people could hear the sound or see the strange object too, the whole story would be easy. But every time Emma mentioned her extraordinary experience, her family and friends just laughed at her. So she decided to keep it a secret and resolve the mystery on her own.

Emma was sitting minutes, hours even whole days in front of a mirror to see what is written on that mysterious sign above her head. To finally read the text, the girl had to wait until her 23rd birthday, because every time before, when the sound and sign appeared she was to shocked to read it clearly. And even at this faithful day, it was just luck, that helped her solving the riddle.

She and her father were buying a new car for her. Although she preferred to go to a private seller, her dad insisted to go to a normal car retailer, because her first car should be in a good condition and no scam. She eventually decided to buy an already used Ford Focus and as she was about to sign the contract, it happened: „Bing!”

Emma looked at the glass windows of the car retail shop and could clearly see the letters written on the rotating plate above her head. She opened her mouth and could not believe her eyes, because the letters said:


Achievement unlocked!

Emma could not explain what is happening with her, but she has a vague guess. Every time when she is doing something special in her life, the notification of her achievement appears. Looking back, it all makes sense. The appearance of the sign on her graduation day. The annoying tone while kissing the first time. Or the odd notification during her first sexual experience.

After figuring out what and when it happens, she just wanted to know why it happens and why no one else can see the sign but her. She did research, read books and created conspiracy theories about divine beings just mocking her. The only thing she was not able to is to speak with her husband because of her traumatic experiences back when she was a child and the fear of being indoctrinated into a mental asylum.


Today in Berlin she but jumped over her shadow. In a local newspaper she saw an advertisement, spelling: Advise Could Happen. If Ever Visions Emerge, Mind Eviscerating Nought. Then Uncover Nosiness, Live Our Craving Knowledge. Egel-Street, Docks!” Emma immediately packed her stuff to go to the ominous address in Berlin. Her husband was at a conference and the children at her parent’s house, so she didn’t need any excuses for her little trip to the unknown.

At Egel-Street, the woman was looking for a sign or a hint for the exact location of the mysterious meeting, that was announced in the tabloid. She passed a door with a similar encrypted text as the one in the newspaper written on it: “Break Into New Gravitas!” Cautiously she entered the building and approached a vast room divided into small cabins, such as local voting cubes look like.

A spotlight flashed a signal to one of these compartments, to which Emma eventually went. As she entered the one and a half square meter cabin, a voice began to raise from the loudspeakers: “Now, after all people arrived, we begin. My name does not matter, because today it is just about you!”

A grumble was heard out of the majority of the approximately 20 cabins. Apparently, all guest would have liked to face a real person instead of a metallic voice. “You all are here for a certain reason.” The voice continued. “All of you are thinking that you are alone in this world. Only you can hear strange sounds and only you can see the sign rotation above your head. Behold! Every one of you has his own notification, when you achieve something great, but you are all too shy to say it out loud!”

Nothing but the truth!

The voices of the people in the room raised again, but this time it was a moan out of relieve. “All of you had experienced these happenings more often than just one time. Your remarkable achievement was underlined by the signal tone and sign. Regardless if it was your birth, your first steps, the first day at school, the last day of your retirement or your dying day, you are followed by success!”

„But why?“ Emma listened up, because she knew that voice very well. Too well, because she was married to this voice for two years. “Max, is it you?”, the slightly confused woman shouted while leaving the cabin to search for the location of the voice. “Emma?”, it resounded from the other side of the room, where Max was exiting his compartment.

“What are you doing here?”, both asked simultaneously, as the metallic loudspeaker voice interrupted. “As I said before, EVERYONE gets those signals. To answer your question, the reason of the appearance is obvious: Your whole life is an achievement! The fact that you live impersonates the success over all difficulties and obstacles, which you have to face in life. To appreciate the gift of life, you will be reminded, that your achievements have led to the moment you are in right now.

While Max and Emma looked into each others eyes afterwards, both heard a „Bing“; and over their heads a sign appeared with the words written on it:


Your personal achievement chart

We also can reach such achievements, by aiming for goals and try our best to reach them. To conserve those success stories from being forgotten, I created my own achievement chart. It consists of a funky title for the success, the date you achieved it, how many days since your birth had past and a description.

Feel free to use the chart, develop it and give me some recommendations of success stories in life I forgot. Have fun while unlock your achievements:

Achievement Unlocked at Days past Description
HERE I AM! 20.09.1992 0 Being born
LET IT GO! 20.09.1993 365 Do your first steps
WHAT DID HE SAY! 25.12.1993 461 Learn to speak
NOOB! 20.08.1999 2525 Finish kinder garden
NOVICE! 07.07.2004 4308 Finish elementary school
APPRENTICE! 07.07.2008 5769 Finish junior high school
ADEPT! 30.04.2011 6796 Finish high school
THE NEXT HAWKING! 09.06.2011 6836 Graduate from high school
EXPERT! 10.09.2016 8756 Finish your bachelor study
MASTERMIND! Finish your master study
DOCTOR WHO?! Finish your PHD study
PROFESSIONAL! Attend any additional upgrade training course
COFFEE, SIR? 01.08.2010 6524 Find one employer
HIRE, SIRE! 20.06.2016 8674 Find five employers
EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! 40% Find ten employers
EMPLAYER! Become an employer
TO HIRE IS MY DESIRE! 0% Hire five employees
WHO? 29.07.2007 5425 The first local media news about you
HARDLY KNOWN! The first regional media news about you
SEMI-FAMOUS! The first national media news about you
ROCKSTAR! The first international media news about you
HUIIIIIIIIII! 07.08.2002 3608 Fly for the 1st time
UP IN THE AIR! 14.07.2010 6506 Fly for the 5th time
FLIGHT FLIGHT, BABY! 24.07.2011 6881 Fly for the 25th time
1. CLASS IS MY CLASS! 35% Fly for the 100th time
HERE IS YOUR CAPTAIN! Fly a plane by yourself
RUMMRUMM! 07.07.2012 7230 Buy your 1st car
FORMULA 1! 10.11.2013 7721 Buy your 2nd car
I HAVE NOTHING TO DRIVE! 40% Buy your 5th car
OUCH! 14.06.1999 2458 Get injured one time
IT IS JUST AN ITCH! 08.10.2014 8053 Get injured five times
HOW NOT TO DO…! 60% Get injured ten times
SCARFACE! 24% Get injured 25 times
NICE STAY HERE! 09.03.2015 8205 Stay in hospital overnight the first time
YEEEEHAAAAA! 20.06.2009 6117 Have sex
I CAME, SAW AND CAME AGAIN! 21.06.2009 6118 Have sex more than one time
PORNPRO! 05.05.2015 8262 Have sex so often, you stopped counting
MINI-ME! Get your 1st child
TWINI-ME! Get your 2nd child
YES I WILL! Get happily married
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! Celebrate the first wedding day
YES THEY WILL! Become Best-Man
CALL HIM BOB, PLEASE! Become godparent
WELCOME TO MY HOOD! Build a house
OBJECTION!!! Go to court
NEED FOR SPEED! 28.10.2011 6977 Get a driver’s license
SKILL +1! Get another license for exotic vehicles
RIDDLE ME THIS! Finish a puzzle with 18.000 pieces
LIKE I LIKE YOU LIKE MY LIKE! Get 1000 Likes on a Social Media platform
SEE! 05.05.2008 5706 Publish one video in the web
LOOK! 40% Publish five videos in the web
OPAN GREXXEN-STYLE! 1% Publish a video and get over 100.000 views
FOR GLORY AND PIECE! 25.01.2012 7066 Shoot with a gun
BELLO! 03.08.1996 1413 Visit one foreign country
COLUMBUSSI! 07.08.2002 3608 Visit five foreign countries
COOK-IMONSTER! 18.02.2016 8551 Visit 25 foreign countries
TABASCO-DA-GAMA! 54% Visit 50 foreign countries
MAGELANIA! 27% Visit 100 foreign countries
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! 18% Visit 149 foreign countries
FAR FAR AWAY!      1.10.2016 8777 Live one month abroad
I AM A LEGAL ALIEN! Live one year abroad
TONGUE TORNADO! 22.04.2015 8249 Speak three languages
BACH-FLIP! Learn one Instrument
REHAB! Get rid of one addiction
EARGASM! Compose a song
CASH-CLASH! Own 10.000 on your account
CASH-OBERT DUCK! Own 100.000 on your account
I AM RICH, BITCH! Own 1.000.000 on your account
LIKE A YOYO! Do a Bungee-Jump
JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! Do a Parachute-Jump
ABOVE THE CLOUDS! Fly a glider
PATENT DECLARED! Invent something, that is named after you
PAPARAZZI! 20.05.2014 7912 Get caught by a radar

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  1. Haha! Loved it! It’s amazing how you had time to name all those achievements. But for a moment I thought she was living in a video game played by Martians or something like that.

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