Taiwan Receipt Lottery – 統一發票中獎號碼

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The numbers of 09 – 10 2020


The numbers of 07 – 08 2020


The numbers of 05 – 06 2020


The numbers of 03 – 04 2020

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Taiwan Receipt Lottery 9 10 2019

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What is it?

To minimise the flourishment of black markets and get merchants to keep book properly the government of Taiwan came up with the idea of the receipt lottery – and it works. It is really annoying to keep receipts from your current purchase in your mind, but as soon there are lottery numbers written on it and a chance of winning a huge pile of money, everyone is eager to fight for the little pieces of paper.


How does it work?

On most of the receipts, you will get from cashier are numbers written on it. The unique 8-digits-long code is your chance of a prosperous lifestyle. The draw of the winning numbers takes place ever 25th of the next uneven month and reveals the numbers of the last two months. In praxis, on the 25th of November the lucky winners, who got the right numbers on their September and October receipts, will have a blast. Hereby, there are several prices one can win.

Does it work?

Due to the fact, that every weekend I collect numerous receipts at our favourite convenient store for liquid bread, the chances are not so bad to win. In fact, since I am in Taiwan, I won at every occasion at least 200 NTD. It is the smallest price, but it is a beginning – By the way, I should go to the post office to get the prize. So wish me well for the 25th of November that I will exceed the 3-digit-zone into higher spheres of monetary wins.


What would you do with the jackpot?

In the case of winning the special prize of 10.000.000 Taiwan Dollar – 307.000 Euro, or 245.000 Euro after 20% winning tax – I would behave relatively altruistic because it is money I got by accident so everyone can enjoy it. First, of course, would I pay my girlfriend the next flight, so we can have a nice week anywhere in the world. Then I would invite all the international students from my time in Taiwan for a big party in Austria for one week. Further give a good pile of cash to my family and in the end, I would buy myself new swim pants, because I need one!


Now take your time and think of what you do with that certain amount of cash. Buying a house? A car for your loved ones? Or swim pants for me? – I really need them. Let me know, or keep it a secret.

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