The Art of Poems

Words are a powerful medium to express almost all emotions we live through. They can make you laugh, cry, startled and wonder! And this is the way I use them.
A Volcanic Slumber Poem
A Two-Sided Poem
A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem
A Pet Poem
A Travelling is Life Poem
A Friendship Poem (1/5)
A Chinese New Year Origin Poem

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A Beginning Poem
A Traffic Poem
A Traveller Poem
A Snow Poem

pot eht oT

A Next Week Poem
An Excitement Poem
A Teaching and Learning Poem
A Passion Poem

In case my poem is a flop, go to the top
An It Began With Poem
A Typhoon Poem
A Linz Poem
An Art Poem

A top a day keeps the reading away, wait …. keep on reading
A Cotton Candy Poem
A Melodic Poem
A Wrath Poem
A Meeting Poem

Top, top, top
A Water Poem
A Bulgogi Poem
A Scooter Poem
A Penguin Poem

To the top and beyond
A Sand Poem
A Smirk Poem
A Mushroom Poem
A Circle of Life Poem
A Last Will Poem

This was my origin story, let’s go back to the top

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