The Art of Memories

As life takes turns, leads us on unexpected paths towards a goal no one knows, we have to leave the past behind. However, what is taken by coninues flow of time shall not perish, but be caught in the memories of joy and sadness, luck and anger of past days.

I had been studying Taiwan, over 9000 kilometres away from lovely Austria – my home. A new country to live in means a thousand things to see and even more stories to tell. Check out how my life changed and how I changed lives in Far East Asia!

(The first five articles are in German, the rest in in English)
7 Schritte nach Taiwan
Erste Eindrücke
Finnland, nicht das Land der Sauna!
Am I adopted?
5Tips to kill Time during a Typhoon
Kaohsiung – A Day to Remember
Money Counts – A Poem
Golden Beach and Red Lobster
Taiwan 2.0
Feeling Home I – An Austrian in the Taroko Gorge
Feeling Home II – Marvelous Marble
Feeling Home III – Goodbye Dear East
Merry Christmas – Shengdan Kuaile
Linz Tainan – A Comparison of Two Homes
Buddha Memorial Center
Xiao Liu Qiu – One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
STUST I – The Campus
STUST II – The Surroundings
STUST III.A – Courses First Semester
STUST III.B – Courses Second Semester
STUST III.C – Master Thesis
Cultural Festival – Griaß di Austria
Yushan Front Peak – Sims Edition
International Cheers
An Untold Graduation Speech


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