A Friendship Poem (1/5)

Some say, that some friends are like family. The beauty of friendship, however, is, that friends can always leave, but decide to stay.

Floating on the ever-lasting sea that is called life

Your sole identity is divided into roles, counting at least five.

Each of them is requiring individual poetic attention.

Thus, I will do a series of five, for easier comprehension.

Starting with the one you choose at early age or late

There are people tightly entwined with your personal fate.

In modern psychology, they play an important part, hence

Let this few lines and verses be devoted to our friends.

The friend ship is a mighty steamboat carry on its way

Although it has the choice to turn, it decides to stay.

Relentlessly it is going on, no matter where it might be.

Great is the heartily joy when you are again able to see.

Its endurance is an effort that requires loads energy.

And its outer shell is rusting when not treated frequently.

When it sinks due negligence or any falsely blame

It is hard to recover, and it will never be the same.

When taken care of from the inmost desire of your heart

In any situation, it will undoubtedly play an important part.

May the waves be strong and the storm is raging wild.

May the ocean be quiet and enjoys the breeze so mild.

May the next island’s harbour seem to be so far away.

May the sheltering ports will prolong an unexpected stay.

There is one place you can be you, and don’t have to pretend.

Let us make this toast be dedicated to each and every friend.

You don’t know, how much each and everyone coined me. So let me thank you all for being a valuable friend to me!

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