A Scooter Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Scooter

Provided by the blogger Jessica

It is supposed to be a tribute to the time together in Taiwan, so I describe my feelings of coming home to see my best friends here after a long ride home from Yushan.

The style of the poem is simple: A A A A

I give you:


By Gregor

Hot concrete beneath the tires

Burns like hundred wild campfires.

While your body more speed desires,

The feeling of freedom it acquires.

You turn right!

The whole road is like an ocean

And you are of a floating notion,

Buildings beside in constant motion.

Fossil fuel is your life potion.

You turn left!

The street is only made for you.

In every curve your skills are true.

Gazing at the mountain view,

Peaks in green and sky in blue.

You have to stop at a traffic light!

During the waiting in the pause

You are looking for a higher cause,

Something that defines the laws

Of riding a motorcycle to earn applause.

Green lights, you continue!

Once the light turned back to “go”

There is no answer you want to know,

You are back in the velocity flow.

Heading towards to your beloved Plateau.

You finally reached your destination!

The road trip done had been thriving,

But there is nothing better than arriving

At Plateau, where old habits are reviving

After a long day of Scooter driving!

You look at your friends, and hug them!

Thank you for creating the feeling of coming home when I see you at the place we talked, drank and laughed so much!

What should the next poem be about?

Become a Challenger and post your word in the comment section!


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