A Last Will Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Never

Provided by the blogger Adriana

A last will of a person is sacred in the hearts of the ones who truly love the who is close to death. Whereas many distribute their well received fortune, others plea for forgiveness and wish the moanings all the best.

The style of the poem is simple: A B A B

I give you:

Last Will

By Gregor

It was dark inside the room,

Blacker than a beast from hell.

Moonshine covered by cloud’s gloom

Like a secret, no one can tell.

Still, there is somewhere a light,

Not visible to the naked eyes,

Which shines inside the girl so bright,

Laying there in her demise.

Although all hopes had been lost

By adults, doctors and all other,

There is a thing, with all its cost

The girl can’t stop to bother.

Her life was short but happy still.

She was enjoying her time.

And before the diseases kill

She wants to see it in prime

She awoke to a returning voice.

The female shelter she loved to hear.

She knows there was never a choice.

On her cheek flows the first tear.

The door opens, light shines so fell,

 A figure presenting a new-born to see.

“My brother, it’s good to see you well

Be the child I will never be!”

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