Money counts – A Poem

To increase this article’s pep

I am writing in style of Rap.

The country itself is my muse,

If the poem is clumsy, I have to excuse.

For this post I want to give

An insight of the costs to live

In my new home, so far apart,

Taiwan, in Southeast Asian’s heart.

To show you how costly living is

I provide five common categories

That let you look through my lenses

To compare money value of expenses.



I would like to start with food

Because it not only tastes so good;

The costs in relation with the demand

Are a paradise for every gourmand.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner time

You hardly have to spend a dime.

To get enough food in your gut marched

There only will be two or three Euros charged.

There are some more expensive dishes

BBQ, Mexican Food and fresh deep-sea fishes

But overall, in average,

I spent less money on food but on beverage.

Going out

To continue with my red line

I will go on with beer and wine.

But first I have to do rethinking

Of the two types of social drinking.

The first is to sit in group together

Talk and laugh and try to gather

All the ideas of god and earth in pieces

With the time the beer increases.

Often we linger at convenience store

Order one beer, two or more

The cost of beverage is here

One euro for a 0.33 liter can of beer.

The second type of getting blue

Is going to clubs and pubs, so true.

When you have to pay each drink the night,

3.5€ for 0.5 beer is on the expense site.

In clubs you are able prove, you are a man

By paying entry and drink as much as you can.

Europeans reach the profit zone without hick-ups,

Because 15€ entry fee is evened in a few cups.



Although nutrition is fine for my bank account

The costs of clothes labelled at higher amount.

But again we have to differentiate

Between the kind of clothes that have to be paid.

If you want to go to flagship stores

Of famous brands with western cores,

You will have to pay the same price

As going shopping in Europe so nice.

In shops located on the street

It is more likely that you will meet

Merchants that will offer cheap

Clothes that you will probably keep.

To conclude the expenses in real numbers

And show the credit amount that cumbers

My bank account, it is in a range between

For a nice T-shirt downwards from 45€ to 13.



Another position I want you to inform

Is the expense of living in a dorm.

For a double room, tidy and clear,

I have to pay 500€ for half a year.

That is pretty cheap for a place to live

So I have a lot money to give

To stores to buy cleaning stuff

Because real men have to clean toilets enough.



The last category I talk about

is to pack your things and go out

into the world; travel without resistance.

It does not depend on time or distance.

For staying in a cosy hotel for a day

There are only between 10 and 30€ to pay.

For renting a car for a longer trip

It is only 40€ a day, including tip.

Also in Asia cheap are the flights,

So If you are not afraid of heights,

You can go to Japan, Korea, China

Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia,

Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia,

Thailand, Macau and even Australia;

For less than 200€ for trip there and back

So get ready and buy a backpack.



Now it ends, you are released.

I hope your interest in expense is pleased.

You see Taiwan is not financial rough,

And now I’ll go and buy some stuff!

Deutsche Zusammenfassung

Um meine Kreativität zu entrosten

Reime ich hier über die Lebenskosten.

Im Vergleich zum teuren Europa,

kann man hier leben wie ein Popstar.

Eine Mahlzeit kostet im Durchschnitt hier

Zwei bis drei Euros, teurer ist nur Bier.

Oder besser gesagt das alkoholische Ausgehen,

Denn hier zahlt man für den Rausch in Euro 15.

Beim Gewand zahlt man je nach Markennamen

Zwischen 45€ und 10€ für ein Shirt, kein Erbarmen.

Das Studentenheim ist wiederum ein guter Deal,

500€ im Halbjahr ist wirklich nicht viel.

Am meisten zahlt man hier fürs Reisen,

denn durch die Preise kann man sich Flüge leisten.

Nach Hongkong, Japan und ganz Asien

Kann man für 200€ hin- und zurückgehen.

Der kleine Reim über die finanzielle Ausgabe

Soll zeigen, dass ich es hier wirklich guthabe.

Und weil ich mich über die Preise freu‘,

geh ich jetzt raus und kaufe Zeugs!


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