Austrian Culture Calendar: December

Saint Nikolaus, Christmas, New Year; December is full of traditions and cultural events in Austria. Check out the Austrian Cultural Calendar for the last month of this year. 1.12. – Advent Calendar To shorten the long days before Christmas, Austrians tend to give their one themed calendars with 24 little presents, one for each new day. Hereby, the variation ranges from standard commercial calendars filled … Continue reading Austrian Culture Calendar: December

A Step-By-Step Christmas Story

As Christmas approaches with fast steps, this short story is evolving in 24 days, where each day a partly random sentence will be added. I want readers to post their ideas in the comments to make the story more diverse, developing from different minds and perspectives of storytelling, creating a unique 24 sentence story! Maybe it will be romantic, maybe dinosaurs will fight cats over … Continue reading A Step-By-Step Christmas Story

Merry Christmas – Shèngdàn kuaìlè

ꭉ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Blog ꭉ Finally, Christmas is here, but unlike every former year I’d celebrated the birth of a child – who actually was born in summer, but the 24th of December had already been a paganic holiday for centuries, so we celebrate here – I am not in lovely Austria, but in Taiwan. Due to the fact that the … Continue reading Merry Christmas – Shèngdàn kuaìlè