A Step-By-Step Christmas Story

As Christmas approaches with fast steps, this short story is evolving in 24 days, where each day a partly random sentence will be added. I want readers to post their ideas in the comments to make the story more diverse, developing from different minds and perspectives of storytelling, creating a unique 24 sentence story! Maybe it will be romantic, maybe dinosaurs will fight cats over … Continue reading A Step-By-Step Christmas Story

Of Clouds and Suns – Intro

Although his externalities were already stiff, he stood as still as possible. The air around him felt charged by electricity, buzzing due to the high voltage, almost such as a swarm of bees was trying to populate his unmoved body. If he would have stood a few more meters closer to the wired fence, he could have taken shelter from the threat of being seen. … Continue reading Of Clouds and Suns – Intro