Yushan Front Peak – Sims-Edition

Most of us know the video game Sims, where you as divine being control the lives of the virtual avatars called Sims. Having a perfect virtual life is boring, I heard, so people tend to let out their inner demons by fucking their avatars up. On our hike to the front peak of the tallest mountain in Taiwan, one – or more – deity was … Continue reading Yushan Front Peak – Sims-Edition

5 Tips to Survive a Scooter Ride in Bali

Bali is a wonderful place on earth, but even when it looks like a small island somewhere between Borneo and Australia, it is way too big to travel every distance by foot. Because of the vastness of the island tourists and residents depend on transport vehicles. For buses and cars some roads seem pretty narrow and also traffic jams are inevitable, thus riding scooter is … Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive a Scooter Ride in Bali