An Excitement Poem

Future is a mysterious construct of time, where the outcome is yet to be seen. Still, individuals are relying on their plans, no matter the odds of life’s randomness. Pursuing the uncertain event in hope to gain a memory, as the moment will vanish in the fog of the past, is a worthwhile approach where one can already see the inner value regarding the level … Continue reading An Excitement Poem

A Passion Poem

Using newest technology and mobile applications to find someone to spend time with is a noble thought. However, it diminishes the almost magical moments of coincidental incidents leading towards a supreme occasion of sharing intimate moments with the right person at the right time by giving away the gallivanting, flattering, philandering and teasing pursued by real ladies and gentleman to a single swipe of a … Continue reading A Passion Poem

An It Began With Poem

Life is mysterious. It is strange how joy and sadness rule over our perception for the surrounding we are embedded in. When unforeseen circumstances blur the path you planned to go with the fog of uncertainty, hope might seem lost. However, it can also create an adventurous journey,  leading to the same sunrise of joy, yet in different ways. I give you, It Began With … Continue reading An It Began With Poem

A Wrath Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Wrath Provided by the self-balanced blogger Adriana Although wrath is one of the seven deadly sins, it is one feeling that makes us human. It should not be connoted with negative thoughts only, because anger origins from being hurt, being vulnerable, being disappointed by life’s path. Sure, anger can destroy once relieved into the direction of innocence and support, but it can … Continue reading A Wrath Poem

A Meeting Poem

,The Challenger’s Word: Meeting Provided by the unreached blogger Adriana In life, you are meeting all kinds of poeple who coin you, your personality, your worldview. Some people, however, are more than just friends. Their relation to you is based on something deeper, something more sincere. Destiny or coincidence, whatever determines the fact, that it is hard to find or to keep those poeple in … Continue reading A Meeting Poem

A Bulgogi Poem

The Challenger’s Word: Bulgogi Provided by the lovely blogger SaltyAvocado Self-confidence is good to survive the modern fast-pasted world of ours. Over-confidence on the other edge of the spectre is dangerous. Friends are here to push you higher and keep you on the ground of reality. You share interests, hobbies, memories, hopes – and food. I give you: Bulgogi By Gregor Once upon a time, … Continue reading A Bulgogi Poem