5 Tips to Survive a Scooter Ride in Bali

Bali is a wonderful place on earth, but even when it looks like a small island somewhere between Borneo and Australia, it is way too big to travel every distance by foot. Because of the vastness of the island tourists and residents depend on transport vehicles. For buses and cars some roads seem pretty narrow and also traffic jams are inevitable, thus riding scooter is … Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive a Scooter Ride in Bali

Two Faces of Jakarta

When I was thinking about Indonesia I always had active volcanoes, tropical rain forests, millions of dreamy islands and exotic animals in my mind. But there is one thing I never used to wonder about: the capital – Jakarta. On our broommate (a combination of bro and roommate) trip around Asia, Jacek and I discovered the many faces of Jakarta, which are two in total. … Continue reading Two Faces of Jakarta

Bali – A Dream Island and a Nightmare Karma

When it comes to beautiful places on earth the Indonesian Island of Bali is sure one of them. On our last roommate-trip we decided to experience the promised Valhalla of relaxation, fun and surfing with our own eyes. It was amazing at all levels, but be aware! Never go there with a bad luck strain or really bad Karma; I tell you our story! First … Continue reading Bali – A Dream Island and a Nightmare Karma