Brettljause – Austrian Culinary Art

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The famous proverb, which first appeared in Eugène Sue’s novel Memoirs of Matilda, but made a fatal mistake. The thing that is best served cold is a traditional Austrian Brettljause. What is it about? Opposed to the classic dinners I had in Taiwan, which had been mostly hot, hot soup, hot rice, hot noodles, hot pot – I … Continue reading Brettljause – Austrian Culinary Art

Homo Photosyntheticus

„Dearliiiing, what do you want to eat today?“ – “What do you want?” – “I am open for everything. You suggest!” – “Okay, Steak?” – “No.” – “Pasta?” – “Nope” – “Curry?” – “Hmm,  nah.” – “Braised vegetables?” – “Ney.” – “Chine…” – “Noo!” – “AHHHHH!!!!!” Who doesn’t know these conversations about the daily meal agenda? Similar to the “I don’t have anything to wear”-approaches, … Continue reading Homo Photosyntheticus

Linz – Tainan! A Comparison of Two Homes

Same same but different. With this statement I could end this comparison of my home town in Austria, Linz and my temporary home in Taiwan, Tainan – when I take a really general look at the differences. But looking closer, there are worlds – or at least 9000 kilometers – between my both home cities. Climate The most obvious difference between these two cities is … Continue reading Linz – Tainan! A Comparison of Two Homes