Austrian Culture Calendar: December

Saint Nikolaus, Christmas, New Year; December is full of traditions and cultural events in Austria. Check out the Austrian Cultural Calendar for the last month of this year. 1.12. – Advent Calendar To shorten the long days before Christmas, Austrians tend to give their one themed calendars with 24 little presents, one for each new day. Hereby, the variation ranges from standard commercial calendars filled … Continue reading Austrian Culture Calendar: December

Cultural Festival – Griaß di, Austria

Like every year the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology hosted a special event, where foreign students can introduce their country, culture and art performance to other (mostly Taiwanese) students. So I tried my best to bring a little Austria to Taiwan – in traditional leather trousers (Lederhose) of course! Griaß di, Austria At the festival, students had to decorate a booth and cook … Continue reading Cultural Festival – Griaß di, Austria

Xiao Liu Qiu – One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

One apple a day to keep your body healthy is a nice thought of treating yourself right every day. However, I need special kinds of the vitamins A and E, namely Adventure and Excitement. Praise the healthy body but do not forget a healthy mind. Thus the old clique and me visited Xiao Liu Qiu to keep our mind occupied with the beauty of life. … Continue reading Xiao Liu Qiu – One Island a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Two Faces of Jakarta

When I was thinking about Indonesia I always had active volcanoes, tropical rain forests, millions of dreamy islands and exotic animals in my mind. But there is one thing I never used to wonder about: the capital – Jakarta. On our broommate (a combination of bro and roommate) trip around Asia, Jacek and I discovered the many faces of Jakarta, which are two in total. … Continue reading Two Faces of Jakarta

Linz – Tainan! A Comparison of Two Homes

Same same but different. With this statement I could end this comparison of my home town in Austria, Linz and my temporary home in Taiwan, Tainan – when I take a really general look at the differences. But looking closer, there are worlds – or at least 9000 kilometers – between my both home cities. Climate The most obvious difference between these two cities is … Continue reading Linz – Tainan! A Comparison of Two Homes

Bali – A Dream Island and a Nightmare Karma

When it comes to beautiful places on earth the Indonesian Island of Bali is sure one of them. On our last roommate-trip we decided to experience the promised Valhalla of relaxation, fun and surfing with our own eyes. It was amazing at all levels, but be aware! Never go there with a bad luck strain or really bad Karma; I tell you our story! First … Continue reading Bali – A Dream Island and a Nightmare Karma

Merry Christmas – Shèngdàn kuaìlè

ꭉ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Blog ꭉ Finally, Christmas is here, but unlike every former year I’d celebrated the birth of a child – who actually was born in summer, but the 24th of December had already been a paganic holiday for centuries, so we celebrate here – I am not in lovely Austria, but in Taiwan. Due to the fact that the … Continue reading Merry Christmas – Shèngdàn kuaìlè