Singapore – A Song about Prosperity

Not so long a time ago, My roommate and Polish bro, And me wanted to see of Asia more, So we travelled to Singapore. To tell you about this Asian city, It is full of wealth and prosperity. Also rich was our plan, What to see in this nice land. When we arrived at Singapore, We watched the sunrise on the shore, Afterwards we both … Continue reading Singapore – A Song about Prosperity

Merry Christmas – Shèngdàn kuaìlè

ꭉ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Blog ꭉ Finally, Christmas is here, but unlike every former year I’d celebrated the birth of a child – who actually was born in summer, but the 24th of December had already been a paganic holiday for centuries, so we celebrate here – I am not in lovely Austria, but in Taiwan. Due to the fact that the … Continue reading Merry Christmas – Shèngdàn kuaìlè