A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem

Some people climb mountains stay active in their lives. But what if the mountain that you are climbing is active too? I don’t mean Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge active, where bolder just roll beside you. I am talking active volcano! Pacaya Volcano Hike By Gregor   South of Guatemala City, the capital of the nation, Lays a volcano restlessly since the 1965’s desolation. Mighty Volcán de … Continue reading A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem

Guatemala – Guate Beautiful Country

Recently I had been to the Central American state of Guatemala to visit my girlfriend Adriana and her family. Of course, there had been some plans to discover Guatemala a bit and AY DIOS MIO!!!!! This country! It got me right in the marvel-part of my heart and brain! I could dedicate my entire blog to this fascinating nation, but for starters here are four … Continue reading Guatemala – Guate Beautiful Country

5 Tips to kill Time during a Typhoon

The weather is getting better again. The clouds let some sunrays hit the ground, newly created ponds evaporate in the warmth of a new day. After devastating parts of the country the tropical storms “Meranti” and “Megi” finally left the island. The Typhoons are gone and hopefully the Typhoon-season with them. If you imagined experiencing a typhoon in Taiwan is some kind of survival-of-the-fittest I … Continue reading 5 Tips to kill Time during a Typhoon