A Waiting Poem

My mother-in-law recently showed me a picture, where the figure of a human head was made up by different words. The picture challenged the reader to create a poem with as many of those words as possible. Of course, this challenge was immediately accepted and I started to write this poem within 10 minutes using the following, handpicked words: salt, day, sand, bed, light, honey, night, bird, memories, scissors, engine.

I give you,


by Gregor

Conjured by yet another of this sunny days
the salt of the sea breeze sets in the pores of my face.
Years I had been waiting at the sound of the waves.
My footprint a trace in the bed of sand engraves.

A salty droplet runs down my cheek in dusking light.
It is not the last tear that will welcome the looming night.
The sweet essence of honey that you emitted that day,
like a bird on gentle wings fades in memories away.

Fate had cut our shared path like scissors of hot steel.
Who would had thought what you would make me feel
Still, your attention had been the engine to all my motion.
Unfortunately, I could not say farewell before your ship sank to the bottom of the ocean.

I hope you enjoy my, sometimes dark, art. You can become a challenger too, by posting words or ideas that you want me to write about here in the comment section below.

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