What do you see in the spinning frame?

A Volcanic Slumber

A frame of glass filled with fluid and sand

One spin, same-same but different

Creating pictures in wondrous ways.

So, let me share my frame from one of these days

Feel free to comment on what do you see

I can’t wait for you to discuss with me.

I present to you:

Volcanic Slumber

by Gregor

A valley formed a myriad years ago

Once trembled when the mighty cone

Shook the earth and started to throw

Deadly missiles of lava and stone.


ALAS! What a proof of nature’s forces.

Day and night, it snowed grey ashes;

Rivers changed their ancient courses;

Stoic mountains broke down in crashes.


A spectacle ought to be never forgotten!

But time is a force yet undefeated

Let every witness dead and rotten

Only stone can tell what never repeated.


Today, the eruption of the volcano

Is only subject to indigenous lore.

But what the living do not know

He is only slumbering until its final encore.

Huhu, dear reader and reading deer. It was my first poem in a long time, so don’t be too harsh on me. With a shift in my priorities, I am able to give more content in the following eternity. So say tuned, and don’t forget to like and subscribe

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